Rasberry™ Email Terms of Service

Version Information: August 21, 2012


Thank you for choosing Rasberry™ Email!


Please read these terms thoroughly, your acceptance of this agreement is required in order to use our service. If you do not agree to these terms, don't use our service. Thank you for your understanding.




  1. This contract is an agreement between you ("the user") and Tensioncore™ ("us", "we", "Rasberry™") regarding the use of our service - Rasberry™ Email.


  2. We do not provide any warranty for this service, and are not to be held liable for any reason whatsoever in regards to any adverse effects that may result from any disruption in service, use of our service or any other reason. We will ensure our best efforts are put forward in order to ensure adverse effects of using our service do not occur.




  3. You must always agree to these terms when using this service, whether directly on rasberry.ca or otherwise from any other device, computer, cell phone or any other connected device with access to our systems.


  3a. You must not use our service to spam, harm, inconvenience, threaten, or otherwise disrupt any person, business, computer system or the like; this agreement must be agreed to by a human (this human must be you) in order for the service to be used, meaning no bots, automated computers/computer scripts/computer programs or other non-human users may use the service.


  3b. You agree that we cannot be held liable for any content that may be included within messages displayed, sent or opened by our service or connected device(s) as while we take every effort to maintain secure connections and trusted sources we cannot guarantee the content transmitted by our system - refer to Section 2 for warranty information.


  3c. You must not use our service to resell or otherwise re-distribute the service, and you agree to not let any other human or non-human access our service for the ill-use of the service; you must not attempt to or otherwise gain unauthorized access to any part of our system, likewise you must not re-route, alter, or otherwise modify any data being transmitted by our service.


  3d. We do not claim ownership of any content created by you while using our system. You have the sole responsibility of governing the content you create, and if you distribute the content in public areas you agree that information to be free of governance, and deemed public content; simply put, if you don't want your content to be public then keep it to yourself.


  3e. You must take care to ensure copyright rights to content, artwork or other information that may or may not be yours. You must assume liability when creating or otherwise using content within your account, as defined in section 3d.


  4. You must not use our services for any purpose that is unlawful or otherwise prohibited by these terms, conditions and otherwise specified.


  5. You agree to understand that these Terms may be subject to change without notice, and that your compliance with any new terms must be maintained in order to keep your account. We will make our best efforts to ensure all users are made aware of changes to these Terms.


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