Rasberry™ Email
From your inbox to the World, reliably sound.

Introducing Rasberry™ Email. With Rasberry™ Email you get enterprise-grade email for all capable devices and PCs, even from a web browser! All Rasberry™ emails incoming and outgoing are always encrypted to ensure your information travels safely and stays private.

Multiple Device Access and Sync

Users can access their own Outlook calendar on the Rasberry™ Webmail Interface, remotely from an Outlook-enabled PC or Mac, as well as any BlackBerry® handheld device!

To ensure the best email experience, we connect your BlackBerry® handheld device through Enterprise Activation, a perk usually only available to those who work in big corporations!

Once your BlackBerry® handheld device is Enterprise Activated with RasberryTM, you get complete access to ALL of your email folders including Inbox, Outbox, Sent, and any others you may have created, so you can stay organized on the go and not have to worry about accessing a computer to manage your emails.

Rasberry™ isn't just for Blackberry® devices though! You can access your email from most Network-connected phones, a desktop PC, a laptop or any other email-capable devices. Never be without your email!

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